mining resources in antarctica

easy maintenance and low operating cost. It … where metals such as molybdenum whales and krill. The biodiversity of Antarctica is unique and fragile the best discovery probability for a base-metal deposit in any part of Antarctica is in the Andean orogen; it is estimated to be 0.075 (75 chances in 1 devoted to peace and science.". "Not many groups can say in all honesty we saved a continent " — Former ACF Director Geoff Mosley. Antarctic Peninsula.The resource estimates are based on (1) present knowledge of mineral occurrences in Antarctica ; ( 2) a theoretical geologic recon­ struction of the ancient supercontinent of Gondwanaland and of the relationship of the major geologic provinces of Antarctica to com­ parable ones in the adjacent continental massesHuman impacts in Antarctica Australian Antarctic Division. Human impacts in Antarctica Abandoned fuel drums at the now closed Wilkes Station Photo Troy Metcalfe harvesting some Antarctic species to the verge of extinction for economic benefit killing and disturbing other species are the impacts of fishing and hunting Mining is now prohibited under the …ANTARCTICA RESOURCES ICE: One of Antarctica's most important resources is ice. It is said that Antarctica's ice accounts for 90% of the worlds fresh water. As a resource it has potential as a fresh water supply. Some people have considered towing icebergs from Antarctica to parts of the world in need of fresh water.The search for economic resources led to the first sustained human interaction in Antarctica. Most early Antarctic expeditions through the 19th century had either direct or indirect economic incentives. For some expeditions

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