triboelectric separator machinery

a separator having a separation chamber used triboelectric separator - Mining Equipment: crusher and a variable voltage source for applying respective positive …2. Design and build a prototype triboelectric separator machine for a heterogenous HPDE/paper flake mixture based on the results of the proof of concept and utilizing the recommendations of the Sumner [19] study. 3. Conduct a set of experiments to prove or disprove the efficacy of the prototype separator machine and determine the most effectiveTriboelectrostatic separation utilizes tribocharging phenomenon to get different materials charged in opposite polarities and then feed them into electric field to separate them by their different charge polarities. The particle trajectories are deflected in the electric field according to the polarities and the amounts of charge.Triboelectric series. The triboelectric series is a list that ranks materials according to their tendency to gain or lose electrons. The process of electron transfer as a result of two objects coming into contact with one …Triboelectric plastic sorter Electrostatic sorting of black and colored plastics is possible with this machine. Mixtures of 2 or 3 mixed plastics can be sorted successfully. In the premium model even in one step. In this way intermediate storage of the residual material and the reprocessing is not longer necessary. Rubber wood separator2.2. Physical basis of triboelectric sensors. TENGs can be categorized according to their electrodes and motion forms. Categories include vertical contact-separation mode

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